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Wine and food itineraries in Umbria

Grapevines and olive trees leave an unmistakable mark on the landscape of hills.
Today, most olive groves and vineyards are specialized. Modern cultivation methods aim at improving quality, obtained also through the selecting of traditional species.
This explains why one finds eleven DOC wines and two DOCG wines in a region as small as Umbria, and the regional production continues to sell well on both the Italian and international markets. And virtually all of the extra virgin olive oil produced can boast of the “Umbria” protected designation of origin, which covers the entire regional area.

Etruscan-Roman Wine Road
An amazing journey trough Orvieto's hills looking for the ancient vineyards cliffs of Umbria, the traditional DOC and the modern IGT wines, between charming landscapes and delicious Umbrian flavours. The itinerary is not just a succession of cellars and farms in the wine sector, but a charming journey to discover historical, artistic and natural treasures connected to a large range of traditional and certified gourmet offerings: excellent olive oil and biological agriculture, local typical products and handmade artistic ones.

Umbrian Olive Oil Road
In 1998 was established the Protected Denomination of Origin (D.O.P.) "Umbria", an exclusive typification and qualification of the Umbrian Oil production. D.O.P "Umbria" is still today the only Denomination in Italy covering a whole regional oil production. This D.O.P. consists of 5 separate sub-areas of production according to the different olive varieties with botanical diversification for each area: "Hills of Assisi-Spoleto", Martani Hills, Amerini Hills, Trasimeno Hills, Orvieto Hills.




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